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Sampling of book reviews, for

Seasons of Triumph....

After being on the market for twelve weeks, thirteen book reviews have been posted on Amazon and each is "five stars".

5 stars! Quote... "Kenny, you certainly scored a touchdown or, depending on the season, made a home run with your new book, Seasons of Triumph. You evoked so many memories that I had to take a few days just to reminisce. Keep writing as you are truly gifted."

5 stars! Quote... "This book is a homerun. If you've read the book by Homer Hickam, about growing up in the hollers of West Virginia, then you will be  pleasantly surprised by the exploits of Kenny Wayne Fields. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Having read "The Rescue of Streetcar 304", I had hoped that CDR Fields would write the backstory. And now another book is in the mill. This story is a good slice of life for a time long ago, and for a time we'll never see again. He recounts his life with a clarity we should all have. I could absolutely identify with his clumsiness around girls. I found his recall of the sports events amazing. His story is poignant at times, and riveting. If you read no other books this year, read this one."

5 stars!
 Quote...."Mr. Fields shares the way in which he overcame adversity, through faith and determination, to become the person he was called by God to be. This book is a must read for teens and adults, in the midst of struggles, to persevere. Hope!

5+ stars! Quote...."I wasn't sure how Kenny's writing style, which worked so well in the harrowing story of his escape from the NVA in 'The Rescue of Streetcar 304', would work in a childhood biography. It does. His descriptions of events and places are vivid and told in a very straightforward manner. I grew up in the 60's in a small mid-western town with copper miners and loggers. The stories of forests, BB guns, girls and the near religious significance of high school athletics all rang true. Anyone (everyone) who read and enjoyed 'Streetcar 304' will love getting to know about Kenny Wayne and will pick out events in the book that came back to serve him well during his 'adventure' in SEA. The book also serves as a time capsule of small-town life in the mid 20th century and anyone who had parents or grandparents who grew up in this environment will get an excellent view of what life in those times was like. Well done! Looking forward to the next installment."

5 stars! Quote... "Kenny Fields is a very gifted writer and has written another wonderful book. His first book was about his experiences as a Navy combat pilot flying missions from an aircraft carrier and his heroic efforts escaping from the enemy after being shot down.  He (Kenny) grew up in the coal mining towns of West Virginia. He had very loving parents and his father was the mine general foreman Those in mining town lived daily in fear of a mine explosion or cave in. Announcing the accident would be the loud screeching of a whistle. The miners family would all race to the mine praying that their loved one had escaped unharmed. Even though there were hardships and dangers, Kenny and his friends had a wonderful time growing up. In every group of young boys there is always one boy who has to organize the games, plan fishing and swimming expeditions. Kenny was that boy. He excelled in all sports but baseball was his favorite. In high school although he was the smallest member of the football team,through and hard knocks, he made first string. Thus the foundation is laid for the future. Although he was relatively small, he played first string on the high school football team. This story illustrates how; hard work, and loyalty to friends and family leads to success."


5 stars! Quote... "A thoroughly enjoyable story. Looking forward to Kenny's next book."


5 stars! Quote... "Kenny, I really enjoyed your new book - Seasons of Triumph. I was laughing so hard about the memories your book freed from the archives hidden in my head somewhere! I had forgotten that I took my cousin to her senior prom after her boyfriend broke his leg the week before in a football game!! Many of the other "events/situations" were also very familiar to my experiences. Well done: 5 stars!!  Keep writing Kenny. I enjoy your writing style."