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​Book Reviews: A sampling of the one hundred or so written about

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​​"An extraordinary story, superbly told...  I predict that "The Rescue of Streetcar 304" will become an instant military aviation classic." 

Stephen Coonts, author of "Flight of the Intruder"



"Streetcar 304 is a most remarkable Vietnam wartime adventure,told now in one of the best books set in that era I've ever read---a most remarkable book that deserves a huge audience." 

                 Homer Hickam, author, "Rocket Boys"

 "An outstanding riveting that I literally had to tear away

                 to perform required duties!!!"

 ​Stephen R. Gray, Capt, USN, (Ret), A-4 pilot/author, "Rampant Raiders"​




"This book is one of the best written pieces of work I have ever read. The research the author did to cover events that were happening elsewhere while he was escaping and evading the enemy made the story flow like no other I have ever read other than in a fiction novel, but this was reality. Great book. Couldn't put it down."

                                    "Ben", on​

"Awesome! Could not put it down!"
 I literally mean i could not put this book down! I was even late for my friend's birthday party because i was so engrossed as the rescue was about to happen! I learned about this book from another great book called 'Cheating Death' by a Skyraider pilot who flew on the Streetcar mission. It got me interested to know more detail about this historical rescue mission, and so i bought this book. 

All i can say is WOW!! It is written in such great visual detail it puts the reader in the authors shoes. Everything from getting catapaulted from a carrier deck to hiding in the jungle as enemy soldiers walk just inches past him, you are right there with him, pounding heart and all! I literally gave a heavy sigh of relief at countless lucky close calls, and the final rescue will have you mentally screaming encouragement! 

This has to be my new favourite book and one of the few i can read over and over again. 

This new book will no doubt be made into a blockbuster movie once word gets around about this already famous mission (you heard it here first!)


​Carl Greenwell, on (UK)


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"Kenny Fields is the ultimate survivor. For forty hours he evaded the enemy as we Sandy A-1 Skyraider pilots tried to pluck him from the hostile jungle. Here is the riveting account of his escape from Laos . . . fasten your seatbelt!"

George Marrett, author of "Cheating Death"

"Before you start reading this book... do the laundry, wash the dishes, buy some t.v. dinners, and dig yourself a hole, because you won't be able to stop reading until the end.  It's that good....

                    "Holly", on​

​"This is a great book. Every few paragraphs I am thinking, "These guys are nuts!" or "I can't believe he's still alive!" I guess I used to think the fighter jocks were lucky to be above it all, but now now I think, "Well, at least an infantry guy can duck behind a tree." These people were not only highly professional pilots but crazy brave. I highly recommend this book as an important first person account of fast-disappearing history. Just amazing."

                                  Jame Noel Smith, on amazoncom, 3/31/2012


USAF 'Air & Space Journal' , Winter 2009 issue, (excerpted)

 "An epic story of survival, evasion, and rescue....A gripping first person tale...A  talented writer,     the author  vividly conveys the facts, emotions, decision making, and sensations of a  person in an  extraordinary situation.  His compelling descriptions of what it is like to brief a mission, creep through  a pitch black jungle, being pursued  by enemies, to find oneself at the receiving end of a cluster bomb  attack and experience extraction by helicopter  from a hot pick-up zone make it difficult to put this book down.... A nice feature is the author's consistent use of  call signs rather than names which provides an operational feel to  the tale.....An outstanding book....War is fundamentally a human activity...Anybody  exposed to capture, whether flying an aircraft, or driving in a truck  convoy in Iraq, or manning an entry  control point in Afghanistan would benefit from reading this  assess his or her own physical,  psychological, and equipment preparedness to prevail in a situation  requiring survival." 

                   Kenneth P. Katz, Longmeadow, Massachusetts, for

Air & Space Journal

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"This book will be remembered as a nonfiction classic of the Vietnam War!"....

When reading 'The Rescue of Streetcar 304', there is the sense that the author is tracking to some source as he tells his story; and that you are progressing with him to a more complete understanding of not only a Navy pilots forty hours on the run in Laos, but of the author's core character, and things demonstrated by his brothers-in-arms... like courage under fire, and honoring one's commitments in the face of adversity. This is a truly outstanding book, a authentic tale told by a unique, one-of-a-kind writer. I think this bookwill be remembered as one of the nonfiction classics of the Vietnam War.

 Dan Guenther, Marine captain in Vietnam and author, "China Wind"