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​​Kenny's second book was released February 11, 2016....And the first 13 book reviews on Amazon are each "five star".

"​​​​​​​​​​Seasons of Triumph"

A Coal Miner's Son Finds Stardom and Love
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​"An inspirational story

about growing up in the 1940s and '50s!"

   This deftly written story, in novel-like style, weaves true tales about the author's early life as a coal miner's son in hilly West Virginia, the backwoods of Kentucky and one year in Ohio. His path through adolescence will appeal to readers of all ages, and his heartwarming memories of home life (roaming the mountains, attending a one room school, competing with teammates, and dating girls) provide a nostalgic look back in time at the daily lives of his real-life characters. Along the way, he struggles to break free from his overly restrictive mother and fights to overcome two obstacles which are thwarting his dream to be an athletic star with a girlfriend. He is constantly told he is too small to play on high school varsity teams, and he is too shy to talk to girls. Yet, he fights on, with dogged persistence, courage, religious faith, and the support of family, coaches and friends. His story will inspire the young who have similar obstacles to overcome, and, for the not so young, it will evoke wonderful memories of their own youthful mistakes and triumphs.

​ "As gifted a story-teller as he must have been a Navy jet pilot.... Kenny has a way with words. Like (Homer) Hickam, he has a simple but engaging storytelling style."---Audrey Stanton, West Virginia South magazine.

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