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Kenny's first book soared fast and high....   

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On 31 May 1968, Navy Lt. Kenny Fields catapulted off USS America, in his A-7 Corsair II for his first combat mission. His target was in Laos, which at the time was "officially" off-limits for U.S. attacks. Kenny, call sign "Streetcar 304",was the first to roll in and destroyed the target with a direct hit. Three AAA guns began to fire, but, following his wingman, he rolled in again. This time many more AAA guns opened up and Kenny was shot down, hitting the ground with enemy troops in hot pursuit.

  "The Rescue of Streetcar 304is Kenny's exhilarating narrative of the 40-hour ordeal that followed, in what turned out to be one of the largest and most harrowing air rescues of the war. Before it was over, the U.S. Air Force had flown 189 sorties to rescue the Navy flyer, and in the process four pilots had ejected, seven planes were lost or heavily damaged, and one pilot became a POW for five years. This heroic tale of a Navy fighter pilot's escape and rescue is a gripping story of courage and brotherhood during the Vietnam War.


"Kenny Fields is the ultimate survivor.... For

forty hours he evaded the enemy as we Sandy A-1 Skyraider pilots tried to pluck him from the hostile jungle. Here is the riveting account of his escape from Laos . . . fasten your seatbelt!"

George Marrett, author of "Cheating Death"

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"The Rescue of Streetcar 304"

A Navy Pilot's Forty Hours on the Run in Laos

"A fighter pilot's gripping tale of escape and rescue during the Vietnam War! "

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  "​An extraordinary story, superbly told.  I predict that "The Rescue of Streetcar 304" will become an instant military aviation classic." 

Stephen Coonts, author of "Flight of the Intruder"