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​​​Photos for Seasons of Triumph

elizabeth fields.jpg

​​Kenny's mom, Lib, around the time they lived in Evanston

bartley house.JPG​​

The gray house fronting the river sits in Store Bottom, in Bartley, where Kenny lived during grades 1-4. Back then, the house was painted white and the trailer in the background was once a house.

Bartley School.jpg 

​The Bartley School which Kenny attended

during grades 1-4

bartley church.JPG

​Bartley Methodist Church

bartley house2.JPG

The house in Bartley where Kenny lived during grades 10-12. The fencing was added after his family moved.

bartlet tipple 3.jpg

​Bartley Number 3 mine tipple

Evanston church.jpg

​Evanston Church

Evanston Old Spring Fork School.JPG

​Evanston's first school house

Evanston hughes creek hollow.JPG 

Coal company houses in Evanston

lockland high school.jpg

Lockland High School, ninth grade for Kenny

big creek 57.jpg

Big Creek High School, 1957 football team. Kenny is #21.

More photos to come later...

kennard fields.jpg

Kenny's dad, Kennard, at the time of his marriage

atwell ball park3.JPG

​Atwell Ball Park

atwell suspension bridge.jpg

​Access bridge to Atwell Ball Park

bartley seam of coal.jpg

​Coal miners working a seam of coal in Bartley

bartley mine disaster.jpg

Family and friends awaiting word

during a mine accident at Bartley

Evanston Rabbitville 1.JPG

The middle house was Kenny's home in Evanston, with Quicksand Creek on the right.

evanston section bosses.jpg

Kenny's dad, fourth from right in front row, with his section foremen outside the Evanston mine, 1955


​Evanston, Kentucky...when Kenny was 14 and Doug, 12

evanston tipple may 26 1950.JPG

Evanston mine tipple, 1950


Lockland 55 team.jpg

Lockland High School championship baseball squad.Kenny is 2nd from right, second row, standing next to Rock Troy on his left.​

big creek high school.jpg

Big Creek High School, with Owl figure on top.