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​​​​​Photos for The Rescue of Streetcar 304....

154345, A7A.JPG Kenny, with Streetcar 313 at Hickory, NC Aviation Museum


USS America, CVA 66

Streetcar 304's A-7 Corsair.jpg

​How Streetcar 304 appeared on way to target.

Stcar 304 153255.jpg 

 ​Streetcar 304, with wingman

A-1J, Sandy 8.jpg

​George Marrett, Sandy 8, manning up for mission

return to boat (Large).jpg

​Kenny's welcome upon return to USS America

More photos to come later....

A7 pr shot.jpg 

Kenny, manning plane for combat mission

A-7, Streetcar 313.jpg

A VA-82 A-7 Corsair on catapult prior to combat mission

streetcar wreckage map.jpgKenny's target area in Laos

Streetcar, Palanks map.jpg

Map carried by one of Sandy rescue pilots. Line denotes path of Jolly 9 and 5 escort SandysCircles denote AAA


​A year or so later...Shirley, Kenny and Todd,

behind Kim and T​erry